Theatregoers just love opera glasses

The London Opera Glass Company has built up a large army of loyal fans all over the world, many of whom contact us with their opera glass stories. Lots of people wish to purchase their own set while others like to have them printed to mark a special event.

Theatregoers love opera glasses and appreciate that every time they hire a pair, the host theatre receives vital extra revenue that can be used for restoration and improvement projects.

If you have your own story about opera glasses, please email it to us with your full contact details and if we publish it we will send you a theatre voucher.

“I went to see We Will Rock You at the Edinburgh Playhouse and was delighted by the excellent quality of the opera glasses. What an unbelievable difference they made."

Carolyn (Dundee)


“I wear glasses and I can still use the London Opera Glasses without taking my specs off. I think they are very, very good."

Barbara Rooney (Cambridge)


"As Ewan McGregor appeared on stage, every female in the theatre lifted their opera glasses in perfect unison. It was very funny."

Harriet Mead (London)


“I used the glasses in London theatres and they are very good. I wish we had them in theatres in my own country”

Jiri Kudela (Czech Republic)

Over the last 10 years, more than 13.8 million theatregoers have used our opera glasses!

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